Sunday, February 3, 2008

Yashica FX-103 & Macro Attachment – First Impressions

The first box from Hans arrived on January 28th. It consisted of the following (see picture):
- Yashica FX-103 stereo camera with 35mm Contax Zeiss lenses
- Linked 85mm f2.8 Contax Carl Zeiss Sonnar lenses
- Macro Stereo Attachment

I immediately shot two rolls through the new camera, trying the lenses and the macro attachment. I dropped my film for processing on Wednesday and picked it up last Friday. I have already mounted all the pictures (in Albion mounts for preview, plus remounted the best in RBT mounts).

Overall, I am very happy. The lenses are well matched both in size (focal length) and aperture (no difference in exposure).

The macro attachment is very interesting. I already have two RBT macro attachments for my Pentax cameras but have not used them much. (I think I have only shot 2 rolls, that’s all). As it turns out, RBT produced their units based on Fritz Ochotta’s design. The Ochotta attachment does not have bellows, just two pieces sliding with respect to each other. I cannot figure out how are light leaks avoided this way. It is also simpler. It has a small battery installed and I don’t see any electronics from outside. I was able to use the unit without instructions and without problems. One of the reasons I have not used the RBT macro attachment much is the complexity (press this button first, turn this knob first and then the other one, etc). The Ochotta unit appears more intuitive and I know I will use it more. I plan to write more about the RBT/Ochotta Macro attachments in a follow-up blog.

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