Sunday, February 3, 2008

Why a Stereo Photography Blog?

For quite a while I did not understand the need for a blog, especially since I have my own web site and I can always post my thoughts there. But lately I have started to see the advantages of blogging so I decided to try it.

I like to write about stereo photography and share my thoughts with others. Back in the “good old days” I did this by posting in the photo-3d email list. Gradually, the interests and the characters of the list changed, so I felt the need to start new lists for my specific equipment/interests, for example RBT S1, RBT 101 stereo projector, Stereo Realist, etc.

One problem for me is that most stereo photographers are moving away from film. Most discussions in photo-3d are about digital stereo photography. I have no intention to stop using film, so I feel a bit like a dinosaur and I hesitate to post in photo-3d. There is of course the film3d discussion list which I own, but the audience in this list is small and overlaps with photo-3d.

Lately I have been experimenting with new equipment and techniques. Where do I post my ideas and thoughts? I have a story to tell and I feel that these email discussion lists are just not the right place to do it. So I have decided to start a 3d blog and post them here!


Anonymous said...

Thank you Dr T for this blog.
I came to know of it from your post on realist club on yahoo.
Since there are many like me who know too little to participate in the discussion yet like to listen to every word being said, I think this is the best place to fully learn and enjoy from you knowledge and your passion for 3d.

thanks again

Dr Desh Deepak

lundgrenjm said...

I'm a newbie to stereophotography, and I've been going over your posts one by one. I've learned a lot. Thanks for your efforts.

Deepak Taunk said...

I guess your old website was much better to read. Please do host all your old pages.