Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Macrolist

The Macrolist is a specialized macro stereo camera, a replica of the Macro Realist Stereo camera. It was designed and built by David Burder in England. David is a world-renowned stereo personality who has been involved in many stereo projects, including unique modifications of the Nimslo stereo camera. I estimate that 30-50 Macrolists were built. This makes this camera a rare stereo collectible, in addition to being a very practical camera to use for those interested in macro stereo photography.

Technical Specifications:

  • The Macrolist is based on an original Stereo Realist body with a custom lens and shutter assembly.
  • Image size is standard 5p ("Stereo Realist format") or 23x24mm. Unlike the Realist-format, the images are side by side (not interlocked). You still get about 29 pairs from a 36 exposure roll of standard 35mm film. The film advance is the original film advance systems of the Stereo Realist camera.
  • The lenses are air spaced triplets, effective focal length 35mm, coated optical glass elements. Effective aperture is f/40 and it is fixed. This camera gives a greater depth of field than the original Macro Realist, which is considered an advantage.
  • Lens spacing (stereo base) is 16 mm. Field size is approximately 50-65mm and the magnification about 1:2.
  • The shutter is a Copal shutter with a full range of shutter speeds. Recommended exposure for the macro pictures is via electronic flash. Focusing is simply done by placing your subject between the two prongs of the camera.
  • Compared to other macro stereo systems, the Macrolist is rather “strong”, as you can see from the convergence of 9 degrees so some care is needed to keep stereo deviation in check.

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