Thursday, February 7, 2008

Horseman / Hasselblad XPan II Cable Release

Here is something that not too many people know: You can use a Minolta remote release cord to fire the Hasselblad XPan II camera and also the Horseman 3D camera (which uses the same body as the HXP II)

As expected, the HXPII cable is rather expensive ($100 or so) but you can find Minolta cords for a bout $20. So one advantage of using the Minolta cord is the price. Another advantage of this connection is that you can use the Minolta Infrared wireless device to fire the Horseman 3D or Hasselblad XPan II cameras. That's neat!


Henrik said...

Hi DrT

Thanks for this info! Apologies for sounding a bit green, but when you say "a Minolta remote release cord," what model do you mean exactly?

I have an Xpan II and am in the market for a release cable for it, and thought I'd search around for a Minolta one! But I'd like to make sure I'm searching for the RIGHT one!

Thanks so much!


DrT said...

Hi Henrik,

The cords that will fit the non-autofocus cameras with electronic shutters, like the Minolta X-700.