Sunday, February 3, 2008

Contax/Yashica Accessories

Y/C mount accessories include various extension tubes and a nice bellows system with focusing rail and slide copying unit. (I used to own a similar unit for my Minolta X-700 camera). I am now waiting these to arrive from ebay sellers.

In addition to the lens and lens accessories, other camera body accessories include:
- Winders
- Camera Cable Release
- Infrared controller
- Magnifier
- Right Angle Finder

For more information about these and more, see:

Regarding the winders, these are useful in stereo if you want to advance quickly, as in the case of taking hyperstereos from an airplane or other moving platform but even when time is not a problem but you don’t want to remove your eye from the viewfinder and risk misalignment between the shots. Also, in a remote picture-taking situation. I have acquired 3 winders: Yashica FX Winder (came with the Ochotta FX-D camera), Yashica FX 103 Winder ($20 new in ebay) and Contax 139 winder II. All these are very similar and interchangeable. It is interesting that the Ochotta FX-D stereo camera will take a winder (advances in correct 1-3-1-3 sequence, while the Ochotta 103 will not (no opening for the winder connections at the bottom).

I have acquired several cable releases and the Contax Infrared Controller S. This controller allows you to fire the camera wirelessly from a distance. It is useful for remote nature photography. I can use this device to any of the 2d and 3d yashica cameras. It works beautifully. Even though the cameras (2d and 3d) have timers, many times it is better to fire them on will and a wireless system is the least intrusive.

The picture above is the front cover of the Infrared Controller. It shows a Contax RST camera with a winder and the Controller. There are two parts: The receiver and transmitter. The receiver sits at the top of the camera's flash shoe (the Ochotta stereo cameras has two shoes so there is room for both a flash and the wireless receiver. The transmitter is held by the operator. Pressing the transmitter’s button will fire the camera.

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Anonymous said...

george-hello! i hope you are fine.
here is the 3dstereopanorama-freak from switzerland. i just came across your blog when searching a contax IF controller s. i need a second receiver for my two 139/fx-d resp.
it should fire two cameras with flash incl.
which yashica 3d-cameras do you have? i only know ofthe rbt 109 which i could get for 400 chf if only a friend had informed me...and fx-3 of the millers. was published with photo in contax news. a crazy friend has thrown away almost all the prospectus i gave him... where do i find the special yashica you mentioned?
i have seen for the first time the results of my carnival of basle-3dshooting with rangefinder-cameras. next time i will use olympus rc 35. the results with flash are encouraging. but better would be 28mm. i am reflecting about using sdm-system. but first i must setup a blog and new website with 3dstereo-panoramas. much better ones as on actual websites. newest information are adapters to use ca non fx and leica m on panasonic g1-m4/3-system. i would like to have contax/yashica. i have 18 to 135mm zeiss-lenses.
an old friend here has a collection of over 70 chessboards. i am reflecting to use contax shift/tilt/bellow-system but i need canon 1000d(lightweight) or 450d. kitprice of 1000d is 600 chf only. i have dslrexchange adapters c/y-eos. maybe i will buy a second bellow and novoflex promised to add a universal will be affordable they say.
i did not yet tried out stereo nor using pc-lens 35mm to shoot 3dstereo. it was on a 450d in the shop.did not yet shoot but its most interesting for quick panorama-shooting.
new kodak ektar could be promising. could outbeat newest canon or sony or even nikon dlsrs.
kindest regards
michael przewrocki